This product is great for new patios as well as bringing old ones back to life. The cleaners available will help remove rust, paint, tar, oil, grease & rubber. Protect your investment with a zero, low or high gloss sealer.


Water Soluble Product

  • Gator Dust Beige/Grey
  • Super Sand Beige/Grey
  • Cleaners & Sealers
  • Gator Bond Adhesive


Did you know….

Always on hand at Royalton Supply is our All Purpose Topsoil, Organic Blend Soil, Leaf Compost and Sweet Peet. All four of these products are great to plant in and can enrich your soil. We do carry a large variety of stone and make sure never to run out. Three different sizes of washed gravel, seven different sizes in limestone from fine screenings up to 4 inches. A decorative line of stone is available including brick chips, lucky stones and glacier bay. Various size boulders can be purchased from 5 inches up to 5300 pounds.

Kids Karpet is a certified playground mulch that we sell along with colored mulches in black, brown and red. Hardwood bark mulch is a non dyed mulch that is a natural brown color.

If the above wasn’t enough, stop inside for grass seed, fertilizer, weed fabric and A.M. Leonard tools. Organic insect and critter control is available including, mole chase, ant eater and grub control. Organic fertilizer and weed control is an option for those who have children and pets that like to play outside and are environmentally friendly. So if you haven’t yet, stop in and check out all the products we have to offer.